Next international Preparation Meeting 1-3 April

  • mars 27, 2011 01:32


G8-G20 France 2011

The next international preparation meeting will be held at the first
weekend of April (Friday 1, Saturday 2 and Sunday 3) in Paris.


The arsenal Bourdon
7, boulevard Bourdon
75004 Paris
Metro: Bastille

06 29 95 03 29 – 0033 6 29 95 03 29
nog2011 (at)

Remember to take warm clothing, blankets, mats,..even tho spring seems to be arrving and Paris is sweat with the sun, but you never know, the squat however, is without warming.

The money raised is for the food, the squat, riseup, and travel costs for those who got issues to pay their ticket.


Friday, April 1

Welcome on site. Installing and practical organization, preparing the place for our needs.
This time of reception, information and installation is important for the rest of the weekend and necessarily requires the participation of people to help organizers who are already there.

20h30: Plenary Assembly.

1  Check the mobilization as a whole: what was the impact of
the Call of Paris? Local collectives, were they created? Actions Are
already planned?
2  presentation and reports of the working groups.
3  list the issues we want to fix for the plenary of Sunday collectively.
4  Organisation of a facilitation group for all
discussions of the weekend: facilitator, moderation, translation, taking of minutes, etc

Saturday, April 2

time of welcoming, waking up, breakfast. ( This clarification seems
perhaps futile, yet necessary to respect the needs and rhythm of everyone throughout the weekend and welcome and inform people which were not present the previous day.)

10h30: Plenary Assembly

1  recall of issues to be dicussed at the plenary Sunday and presentation
of existing working groups.
2 definition of the mandates of the groups

11h30  to 18h30 .: time for working groups :

18.30: preparing a summary for each w-group.

19:30: Plenary Assembly

1 Return and syntheses of w-groups.
2 present the general issues that the groups have raised.
3 list the issues/problemes highlighted by the plenary meeting
so that each group can work on them the next day.

Evening: Party

Sunday, April 3

10h00: time of waking up, breakfast, gathering

10h30: time for small groups, on issues set up the day before in the evening plenary, trying to make concrete proposals, to workout concrete answers.

12h30: preparing a summary for each group.

14h00: Plenary Session (Deciding Plenary).

16h30 debriefing of the weekend

17h30: cleaning up, putting back the site in the state we found it, would be nice people could stay and help !