Preparation Meeting Paris, 4 – 6 February ’11

  • janvier 29, 2011 00:59


The meeting will take place at this Address : 9 rue du Château d’Eau, 75010 Paris
From Friday 4th at 6pm to Sunday 6th in the afternoon
Food will be supplied the whole week-end (free price)
Contact: email: dissent_fr (at) – Phone: +33 6 29 95 03 29

Arrival : The doors will open at 6 pm. People coming earlier can contact us.

The aim of the meeting is to go further into practical aspects, focusing on « Working Groups » organisation instead of plenary discussions. We recommend all participants to formulate in advance the problematics they would like to discuss in these working groups. The minutes of the meeting will mostly be constituted by each working group synthesis.

Friday 4th- plenary session
Agenda :

–      Quick resume of the mobilization process. Can we use the text « Deauville, we won’t drink your water » as a base for our collective political identity ?
–      Listing of the questions that need a collective answer (for Sunday’s plenary)
« Working Groups » presentation – Constitution of the prioritary « Working Groups » (already mentioned as possibilities : medical team, legal team, actions, communication, Long-Life Village…). This working group frames could also allow for the development and deepening of our political statement if deemed necessary.

Saturday 5th- 9.30 am : Brief meeting (No plenary)
Agenda :

–      Presentation of all « Working Groups » to the newcomers. Open invitation for everyone to subscribe to one or several « Working Group » of their choice, so that from this weekend on, all functions, necessary to build up the mobilization, can be put in place. Introduction of each priority for the various « workshops » decided the day before
–      Technical issues : division into each priority working group, as decided the day before. People should naturally take turns, to moderate, translate, and take notes.
It is suggested that people might go from one workshop to another without disturbing or slowing down the collective work in progress.
We’ll decide if ‘resource persons’ will be attached to each group (world cafe type) to synthetize the various discussions.

Sat. 5th – 10.30 am : time for «Working Groups »
Sat. 5th – afternoon : time in «Working Groups». Drafting of a synthesis

Sat. 5th – 7.30 pm : synthesis of each ateliers
Agenda :
The point is to present the ideas not to debate them. Suggestion of limiting the discussion time (around 15 min/each workshop)

sat.5th – night : party

Too much meeting time can make those fundamental moments impossible.
People can talk differently, more individualy or personnaly around a drink, freed from the group discussion form.
It seems essential for us to use informal moments to allow things to settle by themselves

Sunday 6th – 9.30 am : plenary session
Agenda :
–      Collective decisions about general questions (expressed on Friday evening)..
and others..
–      Naturally, questions emerging from the debriefing of the « ateliers », that unofficially come up on the Saturday party or during meals will be discussed collectively on Sunday.
–      On Sunday we will also decide what comes next, the things we need to go further explore and the future phases.

Sunday 6th – afternoon : we tidy up and clean !

Possible workshop on Crabgrass, for those who stil have difficulties to use it.

See you !!

All translations of Dijon’s counter G8-G20 mobilisation’s Call are available here: